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THB-Air Filter/Regulator/Lubrication  

(F.R.L. Air Control Unit, Regular type)


Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Modular (F.R.L. air control unit) / Air Combination / Air Source Treatment / Modular FRL Units / Air Preparation / Air Preparation Unit / Filter Regulator Lubricator Combinations / FRL Combination Units / Filter, Regulator, Lubricator Combinations / FRL Filtro regulador lubricador / Filtro FRL regulador lubrificador / Druckluft Aufbereitung / Filtro regolatore lubrificatore / Фильтр-влагоотделитель / Регулятор давления / Лубрикатор / Filtre régulateur lubrificateur / filtre, regulatorer, smøreapparater / Filter, regulatorer, smörjare / フィルタレギュレータ+ルブリケータ / FRLユニット / モジュラタイプF.R.L.コンビネーション / SARTLANDIRICI / ثلاث نقاط الجمع / 空氣調理組 / 三點過濾器


 Part No. C502 C503 C504
 Description FRL502 FRL503 FRL504
 Medium Air
 Port Size (PT, NPT) 1/4” 3/8” 1/2”
 Filter Element
 Proof Input Pressure  Psi 215
Mpa 1.5
 Proof OutpuPressure  Psi 145
Mpa 0.99
 Max Flow (L/min) 2200 3000 3100
 Operation Temperature Range 5 ~  60
 Drain Capacity 55 ml
 Oil Capacity 80 ml
 Minimum Dripping Flow Rate   (L/min(ANR))* 1/4'':30 / 3/8'':40 / 1/2'':50
 Recommendable Lubricants ISO VG-32
More Options
 Air Filter F502 F503 F504
 Regulator R502 R503 R504
 Air Filter + Regulator FR502 FR503 FR504
 Lubricator L502 L503 L504
 Meet the international norms  JIS B 8371 / JIS B 8372 / JIS B 8378

* The flow rate is 5 drops or greater/min under the following conditions : Inlet pressure of 0.5 MPa; Class 1 turbine oil (ISO VG32); Temperature at 20°C; Oil adjustment valve fully open.

* For a circuit that repeatedly turns ON and OFF on the outlet side, make the adjustment so that the average air consumption per minute becomes the minimum dripping flow rate or more.

* Lubrication cannot be properly performed if the operating flow rate is too low. Select an appropriately size lubricator by referring to the minimum dripping flow rate provided in the catalog. 



1. Steel guards offer better production.

2. Safe Lockable buckles for firm installation.

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