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F.R.L. Air Control Unit 

Coalescing Filter / Desiccant Dryer - FLM76 油霧分離乾燥組


 Part No. FR-FLM764 FM764A F764A F764 FA764 FM764 LM764
FR-FLM766 FM766A F766A F766 FA766 FM766 LM766
 Medium Air
 Port (PT. NPT. G) 1/2'' , 3/4''
 Filter Element 0.01μ 0.01μ
 Proof Service Pressure 174 PSI (12 Bar / 1.2 MPa) 225 PSI ( 15.5 Bar / 1.55 Mpa)
 Operation Temperature Range 5-60℃ (41-140℉)
More Options
 Filter+Oil Filter (F76+FM76) FFM764 / FFM766
 Filter +Oil Filter+Active Carbon   (F76+FM76+FA76) FRLMA764 / FLMA764 / FLMA766
 Oil Filter+Desiccant Dryer   (FM76+LM76) FLM764 / FLM766
 Filter+Oil Filter+Desiccant   Dryer (F76+FM76+LM76) FR-FLM764 / FR-FLM766 / FFLM764 / FFLM766
 Meet the International Norms ISO 8573-1


1. 5μ filter element:

    Remove oil, condensed water and particles >5μ.

2. 0.01 filter element:

    Remove 99.99% particles and oil>0.01μ.

3. Active charcoal filter element:

    Absorb oil of vapors and harmful gases.

4. Desiccant beads change color from blue to pink when they need to be changed or reactivated.



FM TYPE:Paint Spray Gun, Control systems, Sandblast, Fluids, Air condition systems.

FA TYPE:Packing Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Pressure Chambers, Medicinal & Dental Technology.

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